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Jack and Georgie, Crete 2019

What Are We Doing?

Put simply, we are travelling the world one step at a time, completely unscripted. With nothing planned, we will be basing our movements around recommendations from locals and other travellers we meet along the way. Please let us know if you have any recommendations.

We have no intention of going to particularly “touristy” areas and will be trying our hardest to stay off the beaten track by living and working with locals as much as possible through schemes like WorkAway and HelpX.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Why Are We Doing This?

We truly believe that travel broadens the mind. Both of us have been fortunate enough to experience some amazing places, people and cultures, however we have always wanted to spend more time immersing ourselves in a country than we have previously been able to.

The truth is we both had decent jobs back in England and enjoyed them. Although losing a years’ salary won’t feel great, we weighed it up with the experiences and opportunities we would have travelling the world and decided to go for it.                                                                                             

We are from the South of England, and if you spend your entire life in one area/culture, you only know one way of life. Who is to say any one way of life is better than any other?

And the final reason is, we were both sick of Brexit (who isn’t?!) and the grey drizzly Winters we have in the UK; and Summers for that matter!

About Georgina

I have been fortunate enough to travel previously (volunteering in India and working on farms in New Zealand), however both trips shared a similarity I wanted to step away from which is ‘planning’. They had been planned pretty much day by day leaving me with no room for spontaneity, which is what travelling is all about, is it not?! I do love a list, and this will never change, but Jack has really helped me to take each day as it comes and live a little! That is why our trip together will be different for me on a personal level and I am looking forward to living life out of my comfort zone!

And maybe, just maybe I’ll come back with a tan! Place your bets.

About JFN

At 26 I figured I was just about young enough to get away with going travelling without too many repercussions (we will see how that goes!). I had always wanted to travel but had concentrated on my career, never thinking I would have an opportunity. But the truth is, if you want something badly enough you will make it work.

Much to Georgina’s dismay, I brought along my own hammer and tool belt for when we are working with the locals. I hope it comes in handy otherwise I will never hear the end of it! This is my first proper bit of “travelling” with no clue as to what I’m doing (George is my teacher), that being said I can’t wait to see where we end up going and what we end up doing.

Why Travel Pig Tales?

We were sitting in a ceramic art café one drizzly Saturday afternoon in England and we asked the lady if we could paint a money pig (to store our travel fund). The lady looked very confused by this, until she realised, we meant a piggy bank! We both couldn’t think of the name! It has made us chuckle ever since, so we both decided it had to have some relevance in our blog. Later, the blog was christened Travel Pig Tales!

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Jack & Georgina

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